The collection of more than 6,000 items is donated and supported by the charity of many people. With the special focus on the works from Edo period to the contemporary, a variety of calligraphy, such as “kohitsu (the old writings)” and “ko-shakyo (the early sutra copies)” from Tempyo to Nambokucho period, and various stone rubbing works from China are in museum’s collection. Not only the works of calligraphers, but the calligraphies and writings of distinctive figure in the history, such as literati, artists, religious people, politicians and educators are in our collection.

The Album of Exemplary Calligraphy “Hodaka” (From Matsuzaki Collection)

Nobutada Konoe

San-u Aoyama

Untei Akaba

Yasunari Kawabata

Rubbing of the Under Stele of Zheng (From the Old Collection of Matsui Joryu)